Promotional: Splendor from Ashes: The Poetry of Emergence  by Ingrid Rizzolo
untitled.pngTitle: Splendor from Ashes: The Poetry of Emergence
Author: Ingrid Rizzolo
Genre: Poetry
Print Length: 80 Pages
Publisher: iUniverse
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Book Description:
From the heartbreaking ashes of abuse, a poet emerges to share a poignant collection of lyrical verse that details her journey as she moves from shame and brokenness to realize resilience and strength. Ingrid Rizzolo, a seasoned New York City educator, opens her heart and her life in her poetry, revealing an honest and authentic portrayal of the pain, fears, and confusion born out of physical and psychological abuse. With raw emotion and painful vulnerability, Rizzolo describes her transformation after she is betrayed by a handsome Romeo and led down a dark path where she must overcome many obstacles-both internal and external-in order to heal and move forward into the future as a stronger, more confident woman. Splendor from Ashes is a moving compilation of poetry that opens the possibilities and provides hope for anyone suffering from life's most complex challenges. "Dr. Rizzolo has captured the essence of true expression through her poetry that gives one an escape to flirt with their imagination, past memories, and often unspoken thoughts. A must-read for all poetry enthusiasts" -Dr. Anthony B. Spivey, DBA, professor

About the Author:

91M6c%252B-fZfL._US230_.jpgIngrid Rizzolo is the wife of a loving husband, and the mother of two adult kids whom she loves with all her heart. She is also an educator and writer. Her hobbies are running and poetry performances. Dr. Rizzolo is however, one of the millions of women who have been victims of domestic violence. She opens her heart and her life in lyrical verses honestly and authentically reveal the pain, fear, and confusion born out of such abuse.

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