Title: A Beautiful Glittering Lie: A Novel of the Civil War
Author: J. D. R. Hawkins
Historical Fiction
Length: 226 Pages

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Book Description:
In the spring of 1861, a country once united is fractured by war. Half of America chooses to fight for the Confederate cause; the other, for unification. In north Alabama, the majority favors remaining in the Union, but when the state secedes, many come to her defense. Such is the case with Hiram Summers, a farmer and father of three. He decides to enlist, and his son, David, also desires to go, but is instead obligated to stay behind.


618eZ2j07fL._SY200_.jpgAbout the Author:
J.D.R. Hawkins is an award-winning author who has written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-zines, and blogs. She is one of a few female Civil War authors, uniquely describing the front lines from a Confederate perspective. Her "Renegade Series" includes "A Beautiful Glittering Lie," winner of the 2013 John Esten Cooke Fiction Award and the 2012 B.R.A.G. Medallion. The sequel, "A Beckoning Hellfire," is also an award winner. "A Rebel Among Us," the third book in the series, is the recipient of the 2017 John Esten Cooke Fiction Award. These books, published by Foundations, LLC, tell the story of a family from north Alabama who experience immeasurable pain when their lives are dramatically changed by the war. Ms. Hawkins recently published a nonfiction book about the War Between the States, titled "Horses in Gray: Famous Confederate Warhorses," with Pelican Publishing. She has also written another sequel to her "Renegade Series." Ms. Hawkins is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the International Women's Writing Guild, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Pikes Peak Writers. She is also an artist and a singer/songwriter. Learn more about her at

Book Review:

**Complimentary copy from eBook Review Gal in exchange for an honest, unbiased review** In this historical novel, half of America fights for the Confederacy, and the other half fights for unification. American fights American, and the fields are stained red with the blood of angry men. A new Confederate president, Davis, is elected and the Constitution is reevaluated and revised. In Northern Alabama, Harim, a farmer loyal to his wife and three children enlists. After that, nothing is the same for him or his family. After traveling to Virginia with the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment, he enters into battle immediately. His son, David, stays behind to look after the family. He and his best friend, Jake, do their best to search for adventure and try to find their own way to defend their land and loved ones. Harim’s wife remains strong, caring for the family and awaiting her husband’s return. This was such a beautifully written novel, with intense imagery and narrative that made me feel as though I was right there alongside the characters. Knowing the outcome of the Civil War made me even more emotionally invested, as I knew what was in store for them. Despite being armed with that knowledge, my hope for Harim’s safe return only grew as I dove deeper and deeper into the story. Hawkins’ writing made everything seem new, and it was almost a surprise when the outcome was revealed. I would highly recommend this emotionally-charged novel to anyone who reads, not just those who are fans of historical fiction. I would also love to see this being assigned in school. I know I would have greatly enjoyed reading it in AP US History! I have absolutely no qualms about this novel, and can definitely see why it was awarded the 2013 John Esten Cooke Fiction Award, the B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree, and honorable mention at the Los Angeles Book Festival. As for the last one, I am highly surprised it was not in first place.

Rating: 5 Stars - Must Read
Review by: A. P. Bullard | Triskele Reviews

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